Our kitchen project is completed, we would like to thank you. We enjoyed the first plan that you have made us able to maximize on space in our kitchen. It's amazing how we have more space. Also, it is a much more functional, beautiful and enjoyable place to cook.

Thank you for your expertise and your professionalism.

Stéphane, Marie-France and Nicolas.

I want to thank you for the wonderful work you've done at home.

I requested a model of work involved. After our first meeting, I already knew you had a lot of talent. After 2-3 weeks, Marie-Eve Raymond met me to submit my projects that I had requested. From the study of such projects, I quickly realized that this tiny woman was great in these proposals.

After considering my request and after discussions with my designer, began the real challenge. Marie-Eve Raymond offers to accompany us for the selection and purchase of materials. Marie-Eve will take you to the right places within your budget.

At the beginning, I was renovating my bathroom and my kitchen. All throughout my project, Marie-Eve gave me good advice on the choice of materials, color and design.

Marie-Eve Raymond designer is surrounded by a fantastic team. She introduces us to the cabinetmaker to make choices on color and type of wood, and discusses in our presence about the work involved in the furniture.

Great work and success of Marie-Eve conquered me and then I asked for extra work that was supposed to last between 2 and 3 weeks, took nine weeks since I gave carte blanche to Marie-Eve Raymond designer to complete the decoration of my unit. Marie-Eve Raymond listens to his client and puts all her art to our service.

I went shopping several times with her and believe me, it's worth to be accompanied by someone who knows how to find the element that ensures that when people come to see the work, they are amazed to see the results and let out loud the WOW.

Even today, I regularly contact Marie-Eve and still ask her advices to complete the decoration and she is very happy to assist me. This is the best gift that I have offered to myself since a very long time. Again, I want to thank Marie-Eve for her talent as a designer and her human qualities.

Jean-Marc Lavallée, La prairie

So here is a first assessment: It's beautiful as it can not be!

The details:

  • Control point on the wall: This is perfect and pretty. I couldn't have hoped for better!
  • Installers: Same thing!

Finally, the white cabinets are cute as all! Bravo for daring to do things differently!

Ms. Plante and Mr. Richer, Montreal

Last autumn, we have used your services for plans of our kitchen and we are very satisfied with the result.

We want to thank you for the wonderful ideas that you have given us and appreciate the fact that you made two different proposals for the development of our kitchen.

Even today, I am moved to my new kitchen! The change is so drastic, now it is nice to cook in a functional environment.

Thank you very much !

Yolande St-Cyr, Montreal